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Work groups show results under Viola

By Morgan Pilz, Staff Writer

John Viola

(July 4, 2019) Since taking on the responsibilities of general manager in April, John Viola has worked to create a more effective operation through multiple workgroups that focus on single projects throughout Ocean Pines.

Overall, 10 workgroups have been created to keep projects on task, and they are comprised of board members, committee and community members, volunteers and Ocean Pines employees

Of these workgroups, one has finished its job of advising whether Ocean Pines should outsource the general manager position or work with current personnel.

Other workgroups still working are:

  • NorthStar software implementation. Negotiations to purchase NorthStar Club Management Software first took place last December and was approved by the board in January.
  • Golf clubhouse cart barn construction and police building renovation. The Ocean Pines Board of Directors approved spending $3.1 million for the three major construction projects: expanding the police and administration building, rebuilding the country club, and building a new golf cart barn, in April.
  • Craft club building. The board of directors approved a design concept and location for a new craft building to be used by the Pine’eer Craft Club in March.
  • Matt Ortt contract (which expires next April)
  • Compensation study
  • Employee handbook review, which was first considered last year.
  • Drainage
  • Dredging

According to Viola, whose temporary term has been extended until the end of the year, everything is on track for both the timelines and budgets involved.

“We’re happy with the progress, and with the support that we’ve received from all the volunteers who are providing their expertise, along with the Ocean Pines team (of staff),” Viola said. “Some of the groups, like the one studying whether it was feasible or financially smart to outsource management, have already concluded, while most are continuing their work.”

Viola created the workgroups shortly after he took the position.

“The workgroups are enabling us to achieve the initiatives and priorities set forth by the board,” Viola said. “The thought process was, we have a lot of talent and expertise in our community and we can leverage that to get things done on time and on budget.”

The interim general manager also suggested there could be more workgroups in the near future, given this approach’s recent successes.

“Homeowners can expect that more groups will be formed in the future on any key initiatives or motions set forth by the board to assist our team in moving those initiatives forward,” Viola said. “They’ve been a great resource … that we expect to continue to utilize. So far, they’re working … Stuff is getting done.”