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Wishing Bailey the best

 The only thing that needs to be said with regard to new Ocean Pines Association General Manager John Bailey is, “good luck.” And that’s a sincere wish, with not one iota of sarcasm attached.
Everyone, regardless of his or her specific interests, wants Bailey to do well and act as a calming influence on the board of directors by getting the job done efficiently and quietly and without any agenda other than what the board majority establishes for him.
What Ocean Pines needs in this job is a steady hand on the tiller, as opposed to the lightning rod type that, because of the clash between management’s vision and the viewpoints of some board members, often made the conflict between them seem more important than the job itself.
Most Ocean Pines residents just want to go about their lives in a relatively quiet, well-run community that meets their needs without having to suffer undue financial stress to get it.
Obviously, the disposition of major issues by the board and Bailey — getting the amenities back on track financially, stabilizing the staff and setting the new budget — will determine how property owners perceive this new administration.
That’s the substance of the situation, but we also believe that style has an impact. The absence of controversy, for a change, would go a long way toward allowing people to go about their business while not worrying as much about how the association’s leadership goes about its own.