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Where is BOD oversight?

One must wonder why many on the Ocean Pines Board of Directors have taken the posture of sitting back and taking little action while Acting General Manager Brett Hill makes many changes typically not within the scope of a board member temporarily in that role.
The board, and Hill for stepping up to take the lead, can be commended on taking quick steps to improve ambience at the Yacht Club, getting bridge repairs done in quick order, renovating the Country Club, which had been left in disrepair, and moving to repair unkempt properties, but there were many other changes that would have been best left until a new general manager was in place.
The positive steps taken by the board have become overshadowed by more than a few controversial decisions, seemingly made without the full board being made aware. Wholesale changes to personnel have left food and beverage at Mumford’s Landing and many of the pools in complete disarray, leading to a troubling financial picture going into the summer season.
Additionally, questions remain why it was necessary to install video and audio equipment in the administrative offices or why several different point-of-sale systems were put in place before the board got the IT committee’s final report and recommendations on upgrading systems throughout the facilities.
While Hill may have left many on the board in the dark on some of the additional measures he took this year, the board has also seemingly decided to take the position limited involvement as a multitude of changes have occurred.
Normally, a sitting board member in the temporary role of general manager is relied on to keep things in order until a permanent professional is in place.  Unfortunately, the board continues to provide little oversight as hiring a new general manager drags into almost a full year.