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‘Weirdos’ art show featured at Globe for Second Friday

Photo courtesy Heather Layton
Ten artists will display their creations during “Weirdos Like Us Collaborative Art Show,” Friday evening at The Globe during the Second Friday event, including Patti Backer, whose pieces are pictured left, and Ashley Brown, right. The gallery is located inside the restaurant on 12 Broad St. in downtown Berlin.

By Rachel Ravina, Staff Writer

(July 11, 2019) Admirers of the arts can embrace their inner “weirdos” Friday evening during the second annual “Weirdos Like Us Collaborative Art Show” opening at the Globe.

“For me, this is my favorite, because it’s weirdoes just like me, so I feel like I fit in pretty well,” artist Ashley Brown said. “I’ve never been like a landscape painter, like a realistic artist of any sort, so art shows like this definitely draw my type of people.”

Artist Patti Backer also observed that the art at the gallery Friday evening would not highlight traditional landscapes and wildlife art in favor of nontraditional creations.

“I think it gives credibility to art that doesn’t always get … mainstream credit,” Backer said.

Heather Layton, show curator and president of Berlin’s Arts and Entertainment Committee, said show visitors would be exposed to a variety of media.

“I think they really get a taste of the different arts that are represented in Berlin,” Layton said. “From pen and ink, to acrylic, to mixed media to everything in between.”

The opening reception will take place from 6-9 p.m. at the gallery inside the resturaunt on 12 Broad St. in downtown Berlin. Layton added there would be live music during Friday’s event, and the exhibition itself would run through July.

Local artists Backer, Brown, Mark Edmond, Layton, Pete Mueller, Brian Robertson, Deborah Rolig, Tim Thompson, and Austin Widdowson will have their work on display.

Among the 10 artists featured in Friday’s show, each bring something different to the gallery.

“My style is whimsical but also odd,” Backer said. “I think everything is always a bit out of place.”

Backer said she primarily paints animals with big eyes as her signature accent.

However, Brown draws doodles of monsters inspired by her childhood and love of Halloween.

“A lot of my art really comes from stuff I did as a kid, and I just kind of evolved a bit, and I’m more digital now,” Brown said.

Visitors can also buy pieces during the exhibition.

Backer also said she’s looking forward to seeing other works of art.

“It’s really fun because it is such a solitary [thing]. Being an artist, you’re alone a lot,” Backer said. “I always look forward to group shows and seeing other artists.”

Backer said she wants people to enjoy her work and the other pieces of art in the exhibit.

“Mainly, I hope they have fun,” Backer said. “I hope they look at it, and it either makes them laugh, or I [just] love the idea of people feeling something when they look at it.”

While the art is considered more eclectic than traditional, Brown said she hopes everyone embraces it.

“Being inclusive is something [that’s] very important to me,” Brown said. “Making people smile with stupid little quirky things.”

Layton also hopes members of the public are impressed.

“It’s hard to describe until you see the art on the walls, … [but] there’s some really solid, cool pieces,” Layton said.

Additionally, Layton said several downtown shops would have extended hours, with locally crafted art at Makers Market on Commerce and Jefferson streets.

“My hope as far as Second Friday is people come early and stay late,” Layton said. “I hope they just come and really make the night of it.”

For more information about Second Friday, visit Berlin’s Arts and Entertainment Committee’s website at