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Votes counted Friday, annual meeting on Saturday

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor

(Aug. 9, 2018) Results of the 2018 Ocean Pines Board of Directors Election are scheduled to be announced Friday, immediately after ballots are counted, and those results will be validated during the annual membership meeting Saturday morning.

Ballot counting will start at 9 a.m. in the Marlin Room of the community center on 235 Ocean Parkway and the annual meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. in the community center’s Assateague Room.

Also on the annual meeting agenda are annual legal, financial and auditor’s reports, as well as reports from Association President Doug Parks and General Manager John Bailey.

Bailey said the meeting would include the Sam Wilkinson Volunteer Award given for community service. It will go to Debbie Donahue this year.

Additionally, Jenny Cropper-Rines of the 50th Anniversary Committee is scheduled to give an update on a time capsule.

An allotment for public comments, five minutes or less, is also on the agenda.

“The most fun part of the whole meeting is the Q&A and member comment period at the end of it,” Bailey said.

At least 100 lot owners must attend the annual meeting in order for a quorum to be established. Without a quorum, no old or new business can be conducted, according to an association press release on Friday.

About 10 minutes into the annual meeting last year, homeowner Ted Aranow proposed that a motion to remove then interim General Manager Brett Hill be added to the agenda.

Dave Stevens, then the association president, told Aranow he could make a motion from the floor at the appropriate time, but that it could not be officially added to the agenda.

“I would point out that those motions from the floor are in no way binding on the board of directors,” Stevens said at the time.

However, that no longer appears to be the association’s stance.

Parks, in an email Monday, said, “If it is determined that a quorum is in attendance, a motion can be added to the meeting agenda during the ‘Approval of Agenda’ portion of the meeting.”

Director Slobodan Trendic in an email Monday added Resolution B-03, on meetings of association members, provided additional guidance on the subject.

The resolution states, in part, “Association members or their agents shall be permitted the use and privilege of the floor” and “A member or member’s agent desiring to address the meeting or make any motion shall rise and, on being recognized, proceed to the podium or a microphone and give his or her name and address.”

To view the text of the resolution, visit: