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Voters’ buyer’s remorse

 Not to be redundant, as we seem to write a similar editorial each year going into Ocean Pines elections, but it is always with the hope the incoming board members will remember their campaign promises once they take their seats at the table.
Elections of late, unfortunately, have brought a winner-take-all philosophy. Sides are drawn and those who oppose or question any issue being debated are immediately accused of making an attack or having a personal agenda.
All the promises made last year sounded great to voters, who elected candidates who campaigned for greater transparency, increased community input, a desire for independent thinking, and more cordial dealings with one another.
This past year, however, brought more behind-closed-doors meetings with little other than accusations made public, scant input considered from the many community committees whose role now seems all but marginalized, and in-fighting like elementary school-age gangs protecting their turf.
Property owners deserve better. They voted for people who they expected would leave their egos at the door, would listen to a variety of viewpoints and who would rationally come to terms with what is in the best interest of the community.
There is little to indicate that will change this upcoming year, although hope springs eternal.  As you return your ballot, we recommend voting for those who you feel provide some indication of giving property owners what they promise.  
Elections should not be about who wins, as the loser ends up being the community at large.