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Vote to keep board doing what it’s doing

As the final day of balloting in the Ocean Pines election approaches, property owners who have yet to vote might be selecting three members of the board of directors on Wednesday, but they face only one real decision — how to keep the board on its current course.

Essentially, considering yet another positive monthly financial report, nothing with the way the board has been proceeding needs fixing, and it would be a shame to upset what has turned out to be a well-balanced apple cart.

After years of fighting, controversy, personality clashes and miserable fiscal circumstances, this Ocean Pines Board of Directors seems to have established a path that works.

Obviously, getting to this point wasn’t without its controversies — board resignations and the dismissal of a general manager among them — but the outcome seems to be positive.

That assumes, of course, that a calm, steady and fiscally responsible approach to managing the association is what most people want.

There will always be people who prefer to see things stirred up a bit, or who have a particular gripe they feel has been ignored or mishandled. We’re also not suggesting that the current board is batting 1.000 and has committed no errors in the field.

But the directors’ ability to address issues in a reasonable fashion, even when they disagree, is far superior to the unproductive everyone’s-got-it-wrong-but-me line of thinking that bedeviled the administration of the community’s affairs in the past.

The low-key tone of this year’s contest suggests that Ocean Pines politics are less divisive than they once were, and, even though we aren’t endorsing any candidates in this election, we believe the community will be better off if it stays that way.