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Virtual suggestion box for Berlin Falls park

A new, online survey allows residents to weigh in on potential uses for Berlin Falls park. The survey was created by the Berlin Falls Park Advisory Committee.

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor

(May 3, 2018) The Berlin Falls Park Committee is asking for citizen input through a new online suggestion box.

The park, on Old Ocean City Boulevard across from Burley Oak Brewing Company, was formerly a Tyson chicken-processing plant.

According to an online statement, “The land and buildings were purchased in 2016, when Berlin had the opportunity to take what had been, in years past, something of a sore spot in the town. Right now, this is considered a passive park, with no formal amenities or activities on site; the park features open land including two large ponds, and is currently being enjoyed by walkers and bird watchers. Plans are being developed for the final use of the parkland.

“The Berlin Falls Park Advisory Committee would like to hear residents’ suggestions regarding the visibility of, and access to the 60-acre Town property containing the former Tyson chicken processing plant … The park is expected to contain a combination of active and passive uses.”

Committee Vice Chairman Jack Orris said the group originally envisioned a physical suggestion box for the public.

“It kind of morphed into an online link,” he said. “I think we, as a group, are at the point where we are about to have our top ideas on the table and I’m hoping that the community ideas are going to mesh very well with what we have in mind already.

“I think this is a good time to get some thoughts from the public and the residents,” he added.

Orris said feedback would go to Park Coordinator David Deutsch for review, and would then be presented to the committee.

“As representatives of the community on the committee, we want to see what other ideas are out there in case there is anything we did miss, or something that seems very ‘Berlin cool,’” he said. “It’s kind of a barometer of what the community would like to see, to see if we’re heading in the right direction.”

Whatever the outcome, park developments would likely not happen right away or without some kind of outside funding support, Orris said.

“We’re obviously not going to try to build everything in one big swoop, but we might try to tackle two or three big projects at a time,” he said.

To view the online suggestion box, visit or email suggestions to