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US 113 crosswalk complete, signs placed to alert drivers

BERLIN–Town Administrator Laura Allen announced that the State Highway Administration has finished the crosswalk on US 113 at Bay Street, along with the enhanced sidewalks requested by the Berlin Pedestrian Safety Committee. Variable message boards have been placed on US 113 in both directions to alert drivers to the change.
“SHA staff worked late Friday evening to make sure the crosswalk and sidewalks would be ready for our celebration on Saturday (April 12) to thank everyone for voting Berlin American’s Coolest Small Town,” Allen said. “The timing worked out well; we appreciate their efforts.”
The pedestrian improvements came from several meetings between the State Highway Administration and the Berlin Pedestrian Safety Committee.
“We are satisfied with the improvements and look forward to having everything completed this spring,” said Berlin Pedestrian Safety Committee Chairperson, Patricia Dufendach.
In addition to the crosswalk and extended sidewalk, the speed limit will be reduced to 45 mph on US 113 in Berlin.
“Weather permitting, we are expecting signs for the lower speed limit to go up on Thursday, April 17, effectively putting the reduced speed limit in place before the Easter weekend,” Allen said. “SHA will update the variable messages boards along US 113 to alert motorists to the new speed limit.”
The new 45 mph zone will extend from approximately a half-mile north of MD 346 to a half-mile south of MD 818/Germantown Road. In addition, the current 50 mph zone will be expanded beyond the new 45 mph area. The exact limits of each area are:
•Forty-five mph speed limit zone on US 113, from 0.50 mile south of MD 818-Germantown Road (MP 26.74) to 0.50 mile north of MD 346-Old Ocean City Road (MP 29.3), for a total distance of 2.56 miles.
•Fifty mph speed limit zone from 0.55 north of MD 818-Georgetown Road (MP30.39) to 0.50 mile south of MD 346-Old Ocean City Road (MP 29.3) for a total of 1.09 miles.
•Fifty mph speed limit zone from 0.14 mile south of Hayes Landing Road (MP 25.93) to 0.50 mile south of MD 818/Germantown Road (MP 26.74), for a total distance of 0.81 mile.