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Town selects Jane Kreiter to lead consolidated departments

BERLIN–The Mayor and Council of Berlin are pleased to announce the consolidation of the Public Works and Water Resources Departments  under  the leadership of current Water Resources  Director Jane Kreiter. This move follows the resignation of Public Works Director Mike Gibbons, who is leaving Berlin to pursue an opportunity in Fruitland.
Kreiter joined the Town staff in 1991 as a wastewater operator – an entry-level position ­ and  has  moved  up  through  the  department  to  become  Director  of  the  Water  Resources Department,  which  combines  the former  Water  and  Wastewater  Departments  under  one and includes the spray irrigation division and the Stormwater Utility.   The consolidation of the departments will bring in all the functions of the Public Works Department – primarily trash and recycling collection,  parks’   maintenance,   and  street  and  sidewalk  maintenance   under  Kreiter’s  direction.
“Mike  brought the Public Works Department a long way in his time with Berlin.  Public Works and Water Resources have worked closely together for many years and I know that he is leaving behind a highly competent and dedicated staff,” Kreiter said. “I look forward  to working with them.”
Jane came to Berlin with a degree in biology and today is a certified water and wastewater superintendent.   She feels that, her position and the responsibilities of her department represent the  ultimate  in environmental  stewardship.    
“It is often  said  that  water is our  planet’s  most precious  resource and  when you think about it, other than air, it is the one resource which has the most impact on every other aspect of life,” she said.
Town Administrator Laura Allen said, “the addition of the responsibilities of the Public Works Department fit very well into this philosophy as waste management (commonly known as trash), recycling and even the paving of streets ultimately play a part in the health of our natural water and the environment overall.  Ensuring that the entire system, from the water we drink from our household  taps, to the  way that  wastewater  is treated  and ultimately  dispersed  back  into the environment, and the handling of trash and recycling represents this stewardship.”