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Three Berlin incumbents reelected

Troy Purnell

Dean Burrell

Thom Gulyas

By Josh Davis, Associate Editor

(Sept. 27, 2019) With no write-in candidates filing before the deadline on Tuesday, all three Berlin Town Council incumbents were officially reelected and the election was canceled.

Town code allows for the cancelation of elections for mayor or councilmembers “in the event that only one individual files for candidacy” for that office.

Per those rules, District 1 Councilman Troy Purnell, District 4 Councilman Dean Burrell and At-Large Councilman Thom Gulyas each won reelection and the Board of Supervisors of Elections on Tuesday night signed the order to cancel the election.

“It feels wonderful,” Gulyas said. “I’m very honored to be able to serve the citizens of the Town of Berlin for another four years. I enjoy it that much.”

Gulyas was first elected four years ago, also without opposition.

With no one filing against any of the incumbents, he added, “Hopefully, it means that we’re doing a good job. That’s what I’m going with.”

Purnell, first elected eight years ago, agreed.

“I hope it means we’re doing a good job,” he said. “It seems to be a good bunch that we’ve been working with and we work great together, so I just want to see it continue.”

Burrell, the second-longest serving member of the Town Council, after Council Vice President Elroy Brittingham, said he felt privileged to continue serving the town.

“If there are no write-ins and the people of Berlin, especially of District 4, decide that they would like for me to represent them for the upcoming term, I will be honored and I feel blessed that they have this confidence in me,” he said. “And, as always, I’ll try to do my best to represent them and the Town of Berlin appropriately.”

Burrell has several theories on why no one filed to run against the incumbents.

“It could say several things, but I choose to believe that it is because our representation has been appropriate and has been sanctioned by the citizenry – that’s how come no one has filed,” he said. “I think the public feels that they’re being appropriately represented and they have that confidence in us to do what is right for the Town of Berlin.

“And, I can never express how grateful I am and appreciative I am of the Town of Berlin’s citizens” Burrell added.