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Thomas Edward Schneider

OCEAN CITY–Thomas Edward Schneider, 67, of Ocean City, died on Sept. 18, 2013 at Coastal Hospice in Salisbury. He was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2013. He worked most of his life with his parents, Paul G. and Virgina J. Schneider, of Schneider Seafood as a boat captain and CEO of the company.
He grew up in Severna Park and went to college at Florida State, where he took three years of business studies. He loved fishing, football and found the Lord late in life. He was born into a Catholic family but really started searching in his 60s. His father asked him what he wanted to do: “finish college or become a boat captain.” Tom decided to go fishing, since he said “he would make more money.” He since had a strong desire to finish his college and get his degree in business.
We prayed for a miracle but the Lord decided to take him home. Many people would have seen Tom coming or going to Pickles, Coins or The Poor House. He was searching for old friends from his earlier years in the Ocean City Beach Patrol. He was on the Ocean City Beach Patrol in the 1960s and had many stories to tell.
He left behind his brother, Paul G. Schneider, of Annapolis, and three cousins: Darla, Donnie and Eddie, who we are unable to find in Florida. He also leaves behind his wife, Anne, and a daughter in Maryland and four grandchildren as well as two step-children, Jonathan and Elise, and three step-grandchildren, Everett, Avi and Elizabeth.
Tom was very proud of the fact that he could donate blood to the Red Cross down in Williamsburg, Va.
He had an appetite for shrimp and lobster since his mother ran Ginny’s Crab Shack in Annapolis and New Smyrna Beach. He grew up from age 9 making crab cakes and steaming shrimp and crabs, while he did his homework after school. His dad built the fishing boats and Tom and his crews went out to sea. He had an accident at sea during one trip–his boat was capsized by a rogue wave off the coast of North Carolina. Tom and his crew were hanging onto a piece of the boat for three days before the Coast Guard found them. They were OK, just “a little dehydrated.”
His son, Tommy Jr., became a boat captain also just like his father, grandfather and great grandfather. He went to be with the Lord in May of 2012, maybe to go prepare a place for his father.
A memorial service will be held on the beach in Ocean City between the pier and the inlet on Saturday, Nov. 16th at 10 a.m.
We miss you Tommy. Our prayers are with you. If it rains, the ceremony will take place at Sonspot on Worcester Street between Baltimore Avenue and the Boardwalk, across from H20. Tom used to say Tommy was on God’s fishing boat in Heaven with his father. The clouds have been beautiful, I know there’s a Heaven and I know they’re up there.