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Strategic Planning forming survey

By Greg Ellison

(Sept. 2, 2021) While some adjustments remain, the property owners’ survey being developed by the Ocean Pines Strategic Planning Committee is closer to being finalized, with a date of distribution still undecided.

“We’re kind of in this holding pattern with the survey,” Co-Chairman Bernie McGorry said of the online poll.

Last conducted in 2018, the property owners’ survey seeks comments from residents on the development of long-range planning and association priorities.

Since the group’s last meeting on July 22, which was one day after McGorry provided the board of directors a progress update, work on the survey took a leap forward after Survey Monkey software was acquired.

Once initial questions were uploaded on Survey Monkey, it took multiple drafts to hone in the data being sought.

“That was on round five when I stopped counting,” he said.

Steady progress has continued on the survey communications and collection plan since the group’s July meeting.

“It was a busy month,” he said.

McGorry said test runs among survey developers have been generally positive, with completion times averaging just over 13 minutes.

Survey testing feedback has indicated an area of inquiry relating to heath and wellness requires more detail.

Committee member Helen Johnson said the issue boils down to how a community supports health and wellness.

Citing earlier efforts to examine comparable communities, committee member Jenny Cropper-Rines said opportunities exist to incorporate new offerings to foster healthy pursuits among residents.

McGorry said the survey could still undergo a fair amount of changes, with additional testing required after refinements.

“It’s probably an opportunity to cut back or eliminate some questions,” McGorry said. “It will be mix of testing again and asking what else to eliminate … that would not impact a long-range plan.”

McGorry said the goal for survey responses is 1,000 evenly divided between full and part-time residents.

Additionally, returns from families with and without children are sought.

In terms of timing for releasing the survey to property owners, the committee previously agreed to wait until after the still undecided board of directors election.

“We’re not ready to send it out,” McGorry said. “Lets get ready to execute it, but take another vote of the committee after the election.”

Board liaison Dr. Colette Horn said distribution plans would need to be reviewed and costs approved before the survey can be released.

“The board needs to know the distribution plan, which we don’t know,” she said.

Horn said the next opportunity for the board to vote on funding the endeavor is during its Sept. 15 meeting, regardless of unsettled election issues.

“We are operating business as usual as a board,” she said. “We are going month to month with meetings and will continue conducting the business of the association.”

In terms of next steps, McGorry will work with Marketing and Public Relations Director Josh Davis to refine survey design and development, followed by another review by committee members..

The next Strategic Planning Committee meeting is Sept. 23.