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Something smells fishy

The news release from the Ocean Pines Association said the board of directors “worked collectively” to solve an undisclosed problem and met in closed session “to collaborate as a team.”
Neither of these statements, vetted as they must have been by the association leadership, is true.
As was demonstrated Monday night, when the directors voted 5-2 to go behind closed doors to discuss some secret situation, any teamwork or collaboration was the work of some directors to keep other directors in the dark.
How else can it be explained when one group of directors consulted an attorney about this unspecified circumstance without telling the others?
That’s not a representative government, that’s a clique, whose you-didn’t-need-to-know response to that very question says, “we’re in charge, and you’re not.”
This much is obvious, based on the comments in the public session: an employee or employees bypassed their immediate superior Brett Hill and expressed concerns to Director Slobodan Trendic.
These concerns were serious enough to scare some of the directors into seeking counsel from an attorney without advising the full board.
Clearly, something is wrong and association members should be demanding answers on what or who this group is trying to protect and at whose expense.