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Several leaf collection options for Ocean Pines area residents

Waste Management customers can have up to four bags of
leaves each pick-up in addition to regular trash pickup. Waste Management
customers are encouraged to remove up to eight bags a week. These can be in
paper or plastic.  On the south side
of Route 90 Bridge, Waste Management pick -ups are on Tuesdays and Fridays. On
the north side of Route 90 Bridge, Waste Management pick- ups are on Mondays
and Thursdays.

Bagged leaves curbside pickup:  Beginning Monday, November
18, and running in sections opposite days of the WM trash trucks. Ocean Pines
Public Works will be collecting any amount of bagged leaves on the north
or south side the opposite days of Waste Management for all residents.  In
addition, branches will be picked up if tied in bundles limited to four feet
long. Please use paper bags when possible. Paper bags are biodegradable and
cost us much less to remove.  We have paper bags for sale at the Public
Works and Administration Office for $1 each or they can be purchased at Home
Depot or similar stores.

Ditch leaves vacuum pickup: Beginning Monday, November 25. Public
Works will be making the rounds in the leaf vacuum truck to collect loose
leaves you rack from the ditch.  If you rake just your ditch out to the
street, Public Works will pick them up with the vacuum truck.  If it’s
obvious you have raked your yard leaves to the ditch, they will not be able to
pick them up unless they are in paper bags.  There is no schedule for
this project so bagging the leaves is better so they remain in place until the
vacuum truck is in your section. 
Remember the vacuum truck is for leaves only so please do not leave
sticks and other yard debris in the leaves collected from the ditches. 

Worcester County Landfill : Bring your leaves to us

Ocean Pines Public Works Yard, located behind the recycle containers
beside the Southside Fire Station, will be open Monday through Saturday
starting Nov. 18 through December 21 from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. for leaves or
yard debris only, bagged or bulk. When bagging, please use paper bags, which
are preferred, or use plastic bags but they will have to be dumped out.   Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding any part
of the community leaf collection program.

Please call 410-641-7425 or email for more info