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Rose steps down as chair of HDC

But she’ll continue to serve while turning leadership role over to Norman Bunting

By Greg Ellison

(March 24, 2022) Leadership roles on Berlin’s Historic District Commission changed earlier this month with former chairperson Carol Rose handing the reins over to Norman Bunting.

After 14 years as commission chair, Rose opted to vacate the role.

“I really just needed a break mainly to be home with my husband,” she said.

Annual appointments for chair and vice-chair were made during the Historic District Commission meeting on March 2, with Laura Stearns joining Bunting to fill the top positions.

Regardless of stepping down as chair, Rose intends to continue serving on the Historic District Commission.

“I’m still on the committee but the chair position is more than just running the meetings,” she said.

Rose said the chairperson typically fields phone calls from historic district property owners with inquiries about style particulars.

“I did more than I probably needed to but it’s important to me,” she said “If  someone has a project they’re really excited about doing, we’re able to work with them to accomplish it.”

Rose said the commission’s goal is to assure renovations compliment and maintain downtown style standards.

Photo by Greg Ellison
Berlin Historic District Commission members, from left are, John Holloway, Mary Moore, Carol Rose,
Norman Bunting and Robert Poli examined a number of projects during its meeting on March 2.

“I have enjoyed 99 percent of what I’ve had to do,” she said.

Looking ahead, Rose feels encouraged as the next generation of Berlin residents continue to join advisory committees.

“Young people on every board I’m on have great ideas,” she said. “Our town needs the young people to be involved and boy they are.”

Rose is also enthused by Bunting’s ascension to chairperson.

“Norman has sufficient experience to take us forward with all the new stuff going on,” she said. “We’ve got a really good, strong board.”

For his part, Bunting said it was an honor to be nominated as chairperson.

“I look forward to maintaining the historic charm of our town,” he said.

Bunting said the commissions’ primary focus is maintaining the historic integrity of residences and businesses.

“After being on the commission for the last four years, and now as the chairman, I look forward to serving the mayor, council and the towns people of Berlin,” he said.

Born and raised in Berlin, Rose has vivid memories of properties she encountered in her childhood.

“With the homes that are in the historic district … a lot of these homes I went in or played in growing up,” she said.

Rose said both Bunting and commission member John Holloway have spent their lifetimes in Berlin.

“We’ve got that perspective on what the homes should stay like,” she said. “We’ve got three people right now that grew up in Berlin.”

Additionally, Rose said commission member Mary Moore has spent the bulk of her years as a Berlin resident, while also noting Stearns provides other intangibles.

“Laura’s been here a good time and she has a good eye for details,” she said. “Everybody brings something different to the table.”