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Pines waters still murky

Although many in the community came out Thursday evening to make their views clear on the issue of the Family Fun Day on Sundays at the adult pool during the summer, they also addressed the more important issue of how the decision process should work in such instances.
In last year’s election, voters sent a pretty clear message they wanted more input and elected those who promised to do so. Most disappointing was the response by board member and acting General Manager Mr. Hill along with board President Herrick, who were voted onto the board with just that promise.
Rather than hear the public outcry as one addressing a valid issue, Hill and Herrick instead chose to lash out publicly at other board members, who acted promptly when they learned of the decision made without their or the community’s input by calling for a public meeting to address those concerns.
Their response of blaming the board for acting politically and revolting against them caused an unfortunate rift within the board along with unrest and distrust by members of the community.
Having a board member serve as general manager makes it difficult enough for the directors to balance the latitude given to a peer versus the authority given an employee. Having the president and acting GM not act cooperatively to put community concerns ahead of petty differences only serves to make it more so.
While the board can be commended for moving quickly to resolve some issues, it also has dragged its feet in the search for an experienced manager, something they should move quickly to rectify.