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Pines Strategic Planning begins plotting direction

By Greg Ellison

(April 1, 2021) The recently reformed Ocean Pines Strategic Planning Committee is beginning to plot long-term objectives with hopes of engaging community members in the near future.

Co-Chairman Bernie McGorry, who shares committee leadership with Moe Delcher, said the group has met twice in recent months.

“We’re just starting to get our legs,” he said.

McGorry said the committee is scheduled to convene on the fourth Thursday of each month.

“The goal is to look beyond one year,” he said. “What’s the long-range plan for Ocean Pines?”

Working with the committee are board of directors liaison Dr. Colette Horn and OPA staff members, including Director of Finance Steve Phillips and Accounting Manager Julia Johnson.

“We have board representation and OPA employee representation,” he said.

McGorry, who has lived in the Pines for more than a dozen years, said the community has continued to evolve over its five-decade history.

“The company that planned this community had a great vision,” he said. “It’s just phenomenal what they created.”

Of critical importance is charting a path forward to continue pushing Ocean Pines into the future.

“Where do we want to go in the next five to 10 years?” he said.

In terms of first steps, the committee is looking to analyze comparable communities in Maryland and Delaware.

“One of the things we’re working on right now is benchmarking against other best-in-class communities,” he said. “I think we’ll find we do a lot of things well.”

Taking the communities’ pulse is also vital for planning efforts, McGorry said.

“Involving the homeowners in the process is going to be critical,” he said.

After the committee becomes further established, the goal is surveying residents for insights and suggestions.

“I’m excited about helping out to do it,” he said. “I think it’s going to make a significant difference for budgeting discussions.”

McGorry said the committee, which currently has eight members, has one remaining opening.

“If you’d like to join submit your application,” he said.

To submit an application to join the committee Pines residents should email Michelle Bennett at