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Pines residents elect trio to join OPA Board

Ocean Pines Association members have every reason to expect good things out of the new board of directors, which will assume its duties officially next week.

With the election of three candidates who have expressed their support for the board’s successful approach to business in the past two years — and especially in recent months — every indication is that the new association leadership will begin its duties with something most previous boards did not enjoy — a head start.

Unlike many elections in the past, this one contained no fierce denunciations and criticisms of board decisions or thundering demands for great change. It was a quiet exercise that seemed to appeal to voters’ desire to maintain the course correction the directors have been pursuing.

And there’s no reason for homeowners not to want that, given the solid financial results that it has produced.

This doesn’t mean there is no room for disagreement, or that every decision the board has made will lead to positive results in the long run. That wouldn’t be humanly possible, but what it does indicate is a willingness by the directors to modify their positions and make adjustments if something they believed to be the answer turns out not to be.

That’s simply thoughtful flexibility, which is what everyone should want in a governing authority, instead of adherence to personal viewpoints that defy practical application for one reason or the other.

The new directors, Tom Janasek, Larry Perrone and Camilla Rogers, apparently get that and have expressed no desire to flip the apple cart just to see what else might be in it.

They offered reasoned appeals for voters’ support, have stated their intentions to continue their predecessors’ pursuit of steady financial improvement and have acknowledged the effectiveness of the current management structure has delivered.

With a solid foundation already in place, the new board should be able to build on the improvements of the last two years and help lead the OPA to more financial and operational successes.