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Pines gamble worthwhile

The Ocean Pines Association search for a general manager to take over from interim operational chief Brett Hill is akin to the “Forrest Gump” box of chocolates observation: “You never know what you’re going to get.”
Or, as Director Dave Stevens put it, “You pays your money and takes your chances.”
That’s about the size of it, as no matter how good a search firm is, or how much its services cost, its recommendations are exactly that, rather than guarantees.
No one can know how well even the most highly touted recruit will do until he or she has spent a fair amount of time on the job.
The circumstances, expectations, personalities and support staff — everything is different from one job to another, so there’s no way to be certain whether someone who performed miracles in one place can do the same elsewhere.
As almost any manager in public or private employ knows, the ability to deliver a good result is just as dependent on those around him or her as it is on that individual’s own talent and experience.
The Orioles’ Buck Showalter, as an example, is recognized as one of the best managers in the big leagues. But if he doesn’t get good pitching, the team’s in trouble no matter how good he is.
The OPA Board of Directors is going about its executive search in the right way. It’s getting expert advice from a solid firm and casting a wide net. It will base its decision on detailed information, interviews and recommendations, and then it will do the only thing it can do — wait and see how it goes.