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Order determined for OP candidate forum this Wednesday

The trio of entrants running in the Ocean Pines Association’s 2020 Board of Directors election convened on Friday for an arbitrary draw to determine final ballot order and seating arrangements for a Candidate Forum on June 17.

The final order found incumbents Dr. Colette Horn and Doug Parks in first and second respectively, followed by newcomer Stuart Lakernick in third position.

Random playing cards were employed for the closed proceedings that were conducted by the OPA Elections Committee in the Assateague Room of the Community Center starting at 10 a.m..

During the meeting Elections Committee Chairman Steve Habeger reiterated the cutoff date for voter eligibility is July 1.

“Ballots will be mailed to owners of record the week of July 8 and all ballots must be received … by close of business on Aug. 5,” he said. “Your vote counts and … please make sure your ballot is received by the deadline.”

To view video of the candidate draw visit online

The OP Board Election Candidate Forum, which will be conducted virtually, takes place on June 17 at 7 p.m. In addition to live streaming, video will be uploaded after the fact on YouTube.

Ballots counts will be conducted on  Aug. 7 with election results validated the following day.

For election-related questions email

Elections Committee Chairman Steve Habeger explains procedures during the candidate ballot draw Friday.