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OPA, Bailey get fresh start

A fresh start, that’s what new Ocean Pines General Manager John Bailey promises to deliver to the community, even if he has not and probably would not say such a thing.
It’s good form, generally speaking, for anyone about to asåsume responsibility in new managerial circumstance to respond to well wishers and congratulatory comments with a degree of humility.
The last thing any new manager needs, as he or she gets settled into that role, is to encourage unreasonable expectations. It’s always better to pledge to be diligent, cooperative, concerned and open so the public and the staff can feel good about whatever changes may be in the offing.
That, more or less, is what Bailey did during his first meeting with the staff and at his public appearance in Ocean Pines Monday evening before a large crowd of residents.
What he said was more of an assurance that he and his family earnestly want to be where they are and want to stay for the duration. That suggests an absence of any kind of an agenda, other than to carry out the wishes of the community as directed by the Ocean Pines Association’s managing board.
Considering the volatile nature of management and board of directors activity of the past year, Bailey’s appointment could be exactly what the community needs — a period of calm while the work simply gets done.
That effort, obviously, will take some sorting out and prioritizing by both the board and Bailey. Given the board’s current composition and Bailey’s experience in the field, there’s no reason to believe that anything other than getting quietly down to business will occur.