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OP Board looks to self-evaluate

Plan proposes to improve working environment and directors’ professionalism

By Greg Ellison

(March 25, 2021) The Ocean Pines Board of Directors is launching a self-evaluation process to gauge the performance of directors and officers.

Director Dr. Colette Horn introduced the proposal, which would begin with board members completing a detailed survey.

Horn said the evaluation form would be used as a starting point to develop plans for improving problematic areas within board inner workings.

“This discussion is meant for transparency purposes,” she said. “This is not a process that we intend to take place as part of our public meetings.”

Horn said the evaluation’s purpose is to foster professionalism among directors as they operate the association in a business-like manner.

“It’s not about pointing fingers [or] solving problems,” she said. “It’s about moving the board forward.”

Horn also stressed the board has dealt with past conflict.

“We’ve been able to work through that conflict sometimes through director attrition or through discussions on the board,” she said.

Horn said the new self-evaluation process would provide the board an additional means to ease dissension.

Director Camilla Rogers supported the concept.

“It will open up avenues of discussion,” she said.

OPA President Larry Perrone said the intent is to improve the working environment among board members.

“Hopefully, this will be beneficial for the entire board,” he said.

Horn said the initiative could keep the board focused on “accountability to stakeholders and transparency to membership.”

Perrone said Horn would distribute the survey forms to board members with a closed-session discussion to follow next month.

Director Doug Parks asked if a sense of urgency was lacking.

“It looks like your proposing at least a four-month process,” he said.

Parks suggested further consideration should be given to timeframes for completing the process.

“That there’s a possibility for some resolutions with some of the issue that we’ve been having,” he said.

Horn said recommendations should be identified following the closed session next month.

“We have committed to the public that we will keep them informed as to actions we’re going to take, tools we’re going to use to increase the level of professionalism and ensure our board is operating effectively,” she said.

Director Frank Daly said his experience with evaluation processes in the business world indicates that two aspects should be considered.

“One is how you work together,” he said. He added that the board should create a list of goals that could be assessed at the end of the year.

“Working well together and achieving nothing doesn’t solve any problems in the community,” he said.