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State police personnel recall good Samaritan’s help

Mother, baby seen standing on median of Route 50, brought to Berlin barrack

By Rachel Ravina, Staff Writer

Brenda Kelly, police communications supervisor

(Aug. 1, 2019) A sweltering July day was just the backdrop to a much bigger issue when a stranded mother and her child were brought to the Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack by a good Samaritan.

Brenda Kelly, police communications supervisor for the Berlin barrack, said a woman told police she had seen the mother and a 2-month- old baby girl standing in the median of Route 50 in front of the Walmart on July 21, when temperatures reached a high of 98 degrees.

Kelly said the woman recognized their plight, picked them up and brought them to the station.

“I think she just saw this young girl with a small child,” Kelly said. “She didn’t know where else to go and this seemed to be the safest place.”

Kelly recalled the young mother and child (their identities are being withheld) entering the station visibly upset.

“She had no food for the baby, no diapers, no clothes, nothing,” Kelly said.

Kelly said apparently there was a disagreement between her and her boyfriend while visiting the area. Kelly added the woman then exited the vehicle, but “he did not come back for her.”

She said the Department of Social Services was called because of the nature of the issue, and the boyfriend later came to the station with baby’s things.

“She came in here with nothing,” Kelly said. “We were getting ready to leave to go get formula and all for the baby when the father agreed to come up here and at least bring that stuff. “

Sgt. Bob McQueeney

Kelly said she tried to help the best she could by swaddling the baby in a blanket she had in her office.

Kelly added the boyfriend had been cited with unrelated charges. She also said the victim’s friends and family later came for her and the baby at the barrack.

A brief synopsis of the encounter was posted to Facebook.

State Police Sgt. Bob McQueeney said he was glad he was able to assist the family.

“It was an unfortunate circumstance that brought the baby and her mother to the barracks but … we’re happy we were able to help,” McQueeney said.

As for the specifics of the investigation, McQueeney said he couldn’t elaborate.

“I’m not able to comment further on it,” he said. “It was a sensitive situation.”