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Ocean Pines gets reboot

As of today, it’s the Ocean Pines Association 2.0. That’s if one were to employ the computer software manufacturers’ way of saying “we’re going to get it right this time.”
With new General Manager John Bailey running the OPA, and a new board member to be named on Thursday to replace Brett Hill, who resigned last Friday, the association can do exactly that.
It is also what Bailey has been preaching for all his two weeks at the helm: moving beyond past difficulties, concentrating on the community’s positives and getting done what needs to be done.
There is little argument that this board must leave behind more than a couple of years of disagreeableness so it can be the effective body that residents are now promised.
That conflict seemed to peak this past year with the internecine warfare on the board, as director and interim general manager Hill undertook an operational overhaul like a bulldozer, without the blade engaged at the appropriate level.
The results of that approach are most apparent at the yacht club, where service dropped as precipitously as its losses went up.
Now, however, it appears that the newly constituted board is a predominantly moderate and thoughtful group of individuals whose goal is to do better.
As Bailey observed in his interview with the Gazette this week, this doesn’t mean that everyone will agree with every decision or that he and the directors won’t have differing opinions on how some things should be done.
But, it could mean being able to see things differently without the animosity frequently experienced on past boards.
As it is, we’re just now unwrapping the OPA 2.0. The packaging looks good and the instructions are clear. Here’s to hoping it performs as well the community expects and deserves.