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Ocean Pines Board has to hold Hill accountable

No matter the right or wrong of it or who says what, Ocean Pines has a real mess on its hands, as senior management continues to leave the association’s employ.
With the recent resignation of Chief Financial Officer Mary Bosack, allegedly because of work conditions, it’s obvious that something isn’t right and that the board of directors must correct the situation quickly.
This is a case of where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there is no doubt that something is smoldering somewhere in operations under the supervision of director and interim General Manager Brett Hill.
Whether the resignations and departures of these people were because of specific circumstances, petty grievances or general dissatisfaction with the conditions of their employment is beside the point.
The fact is numerous people have left in less than a year, and it’s unlikely that all of them were bad hires, or were malcontents, or weren’t doing the job, or misunderstood how things work.
Surely, board members will want to talk to some of the former employees about their reasons for leaving, a step they should have taken when Bosack asked board President Tom Herrick and others for help, but got no reply.
Even though the directors might be reluctant to put one of their own on the spot, they have little choice now but to hold Hill accountable and replace him as general manager. It’s either that or conclude that all these departures in such a short time span were strictly coincidental.