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Nominations for Klump scholarship

Ninth annual valued at $15,000-$3,750 for up to four years

(Feb. 1, 2018) The Jesse Klump Memorial Fund has announced the terms of its 2018 scholarship, and the nomination process has begun.

The ninth annual scholarship has a potential value of $15,000 – $3,750 per year renewable for up to four years.

“We grant a scholarship each year to a member of the graduating class at Snow Hill High School,” said Fund President Kim Klump. “Our selection is based not on academic achievement, but rather on the student’s demonstrated willingness to put others ahead of himself or herself. It is compassion and altruism we recognize. Our scholars want to continue their educations with a goal to making the world a better place.”

Critical to the selection process are character references, ideally letters that relate stories about how this young person            has helped those in need without having to be prodded to do so, and without any expectation of recognition or reward.

“These are students who do the right thing simply because it’s right, not to build their resumes and not to advance themselves personally,” Klump said.

Past nominees have befriended and mentored other students, assisted elderly neighbors with daily tasks, taken it upon themselves to create programs to help others, and form their own volunteer positions when they have seen a need.

“We want to know what about these students set them apart from their peers. Tell us the stories of what you have observed, about what makes this student truly altruistic,” said Ron Pilling, the Fund’s secretary.

“It is the reports of a student’s quiet kindness and caring that put him or her over the top. Without them, the odds that we will select that student are nil,” Pilling added. “The amount, $15,000, should be adequate for nominators to take the extra time and effort on the student’s behalf.”

Nominations are accepted from anyone in the community – teachers, clergy, neighbors and friends. The nominee must not participate in the process, and to do so will render that student ineligible. Nominees can plan to attend any legitimate post-high school institution.

“There is no requirement that a student must be seeking a degree,” Pilling said.

Nomination forms are available at (click on Jesse Klump Memorial Scholarship) or by calling 443-982-2716. The deadline for nominations is April 15 and multiple nominations for the same student are acceptable, in fact, are encouraged.