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Main Street Sweets raffles off 3-pound chocolate turkey

BERLIN—Forget the tryptophan crash. This Thanksgiving why not add a chocolate turkey to the family table? It’s nearly the size of traditional bird and there are no drumsticks to fight over.
While it is unlikely that the Tom Turkey sitting in Main Street Sweets will receive a presidential, mayoral, or even familial pardon this season, his demise will be for a good cause, says shop owner Connie Mayers.
If he were solid you probably would need a hatchet to get to his chocolaty goodness, but he is formed out of very thick but hollow chocolate, so a good smash on the head—or three minutes with a three-year-old—ought to get the job done.
Mayers is sponsoring an in-store drawing on Wednesday, Nov. 20, from a jar collecting names and telephone numbers. There is no cost to participate, but “love gift” donations are welcome and will go to local nonprofit Diakonia, which helps individuals and families with food and housing support, she said.
The 3-pound “place setting” turkey is valued at $50. It was handcrafted and hand painted by the chocolatier Bissinger’s, which dates one of its earliest accomplishments as receiving the title of “Confiseur Imperial” by King Louis XIV in the 17th Century (NOTE: Louis XIV, to the best of our recollection, managed to leave the throne with his head intact.)
The brand has earned numerous awards and accolades, including the endorsement of screen siren Lauren Bacall, since Karl Frederick Bissinger immigrated to the United States and settled in Ohio in 1845, according to a company historical Web page.
Mayers said she thought the Diakonia organization would be the right beneficiary for the donations because of the many things they do for and in the community.
Told of the contest, Diakonia Executive Director Claudia Nagle said, “I just think that is wonderful. What a nice way to show support.” She also noted that someone was going to get a “Thanksgiving Dream” fulfilled.
Main Street Sweets is located at 116 North Main St., adjacent to the Shoe Box and Downtown Video. The phone number is 410-629-1930.