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Lockfaw seeking third term as Wor. Co. Commissioner

Afterschool programs and community center goals

Merrill Lockfaw

By Brian Gilliland, Associate Editor

(Feb. 22, 2018) Two-term incumbent County Commissioner for District 1, encompassing Pocomoke City and the surrounding area, Merrill Lockfaw has filed seeking his third term in office.

Lockfaw lists four points as his official platform. First, he wants to promote the economic development of the south end of the county.

“I’ve said many times we put all of our eggs in one basket at the north end of the county. It brings in income and we’re thankful for that, but we should be building on it,” he said. “We haven’t done enough to pull in industry.”

Lockfaw said the county has plenty of opportunity to do so, between the high-tech sector housed at Wallops Island and the proposed outdoor sports complex.

“If we could get that sports complex, it could really support growth in the south end of the county,” he said. “I can see hotels and restaurants springing up to support it.”

Next, he wants to continue downtown revitalization efforts. In Pocomoke City, those efforts are squarely focused on the old Armory building.

“It’s just sitting there doing nothing. I’ve been there twice with City Manager Bobby Cowger, and I’d like to see it revitalized into a community center and used for kids,” he said.

Lockfaw said the facility requires a new engineering study before any steps can be taken, and he’s been working with the state delegation to help secure the funding for a study.

“I want to spearhead that for the youth and various organizations in the community, so they can use it as a meeting space,” he said.

This facility would help him continue the work he’s done instituting an afterschool program for Pocomoke youth, and it’s something he wants to focus on more during another term.

Lockfaw also aims to continue supporting teachers and students in Worcester’s schools, and he’d like to advocate for agriculture and sustainable measures for growth.

Lockfaw is a lifelong resident of southern Worcester, served in the Air Force and was the Roads Superintendent for the county for 20 years. He’s maintained the family farm outside of Pocomoke City and has been an active member of the Pocomoke Volunteer Fire Company for 45 years.