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Letters to the Editor

Praises work to remove litter


As a volunteer at the Ocean Pines Library, I often take the “back way” from Berlin and use Friendship Road to Cathell Road. Nice countryside drive with little traffic on a two-lane road.

In the last few weeks, I have observed a man and maybe a few helpers gathering litter out of the drainage ditches and alongside the road. Hard to believe the amount of cans, bottles, fast food containers, diapers and other assorted litter that they were collecting into trash bags.

About two weeks ago, there was this gentleman out by himself again picking up trash from the road and ditches. I slowed down, rolled the window down and recognized Andy Blizzard, owner of a local landscape business.

I asked him, “Andy, are you getting paid for this?” His answer was an inspiring one.

“No, when you do good things, good is returned to you.” What an unselfish response and fine civic duty given to our area.

I have seen Andy and friends numerous times on Cathell Road retrieving trash and also know that he recently organized a clean-up on Holly Grove Road near Walmart.

Besides making these areas cleaner and safer, it also eliminates a lot of drainage backup that causes the roads to flood.

Kudos to Andy and his friends and hope that this inspires a few others to do the same. The biggest help will come from the drivers who feel it is OK to throw their garbage out the window.

Let’s remember this … “Don’t Pitch … Pitch In.” We can all be a friend to each other and help keep our roads a lot cleaner, safer and looking nicer.

Jim Meckley