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Letters to the Editor

Video proves there’s a hole in the bucket


I wish to respond to the comments made in the Dec. 14 edition of the very fine Bayside Gazette by Ivy Wells and likewise to the assertion of Laura Allen about the lack of diversity in the Berlin video.

Both of you fine people are known to many and to me professionally, and I’ve personally sung praises to the work and progressive endeavors both of you have made for Berlin. This town is blessed beyond compare to have you both associated with its sustainability and growth, I say that without hesitation or biting my tongue.

But … in this case of Berlin entering into any competition for recognition or accolade, whether it be local, regional or national … has no bearing upon the production that was utterly incomplete with inadequate representation of Berlin’s downtown patronage.

Any thing that has taken eight months to assemble has surely had the opportunity to be truly respective and representative of all participants. You cannot in “Good Faith” conclude that people of color have not been present in at least some of the events displayed. Pointing that out to everyone shouldn’t be explained away nor even a suspect attempt at pacification in future ventures.

Since it was a downtown expose, that certainly shouldn’t exclude those of us that frequent downtown activities, yet, it did … it just did, that is, save the one brave soul shown waving. Did you wonder why everybody saw her? Chief of Police Downing is almost always downtown somewhere.

Ladies, sometimes we just have to face the facts and accept the truth and errors in the pudding recipe. Someone left out some very important ingredients and to some it tasted sour and flat. If you’re perplexed as to why it was so noticed, it actually comes out in an Ole Rounds song from my school days, ironically used currently in an advertisement. There’s a hole in the bucket Dear Ivy, Dear Laura, there’s a hole in our/the bucket, Dear ladies … a hole!

One final thought, had it been more representative, would it have been less worthwhile or credible? Please, fix the hole then Dear Ivy, Dear Laura, fix the then dear ladies, fix the hole!

Without any malice or forethought,

Gregory Purnell

Native Berlin Citizen