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Letters to the Editor

Incident with Horn was misreported
In response to the story on Dr. Colette Horn where she had been threatened by me, [it] is not true.
I approached Dr. Horn in a very pleasant manner at the South Gate restaurant. First, she was alone at the bar, not eating her dinner.
I told her she was never at the board meetings, so how could she criticize the board in the newspaper without attending them? I always say “don’t criticize the board in the newspaper without attending the board meetings” and “don’t criticize your neighbor until you’ve walked in their shoes.”
When she began running for the board she said everything is wrong with the board. I have worked hard for five board members and all of them have done a good job this past year, above all Tom Herrick.
We don’t need a Dr. Phil on the board. If Dr. Horn can’t stand the heat, don’t get in the kitchen. Remember, we have freedom of speech.
Roelof “Dutch” Oostveen
Ocean Pines

Volunteers made event successful
We would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped with the Friends of the Ocean Pines Library book sale between Thursday, July 17 and Monday, July 31.  
Lest we omit someone, we will just list categories of helpers: setup crew on Thursday; membership signup on Friday; all of the greeters, rovers, checkers, and cashiers on Friday, Saturday and Monday; the food service person who coordinated lunches and beverages; the person who monitored the special collection; the breakdown crew on Monday afternoon; all of the people who gathered over 300 boxes for the leftover books, which went to Goodwill in Salisbury and Easton; the liquor stores which allowed our volunteers to gather up their sturdy boxes; the Goodwill manager who arranged for the truck to come pick up the books; all of those willing to assist people who needed help in getting their purchases to their car; and the tolerant staff at the Ocean Pines Library who tolerate the disruption at their facility each year during the three days of the sale.
This was the 18th year for the sale, which broke all records, bringing in over $10,000. The book sale is held every year during the last full weekend of July and is a tradition for both residents and summer visitors. It could not happen without the generous donations of books from the community, which are sorted and boxed weekly by the “Backroom Gang.”  
A special thanks to those who donate books and also to those who sort and box them throughout the year. The sorters are a dedicated and reliable group, who devote many volunteer hours to this task.  
However, that’s not the end of the book sale. Recently published books in good condition are sold in the back of the library by the turtle tank at very reasonable prices, year-round. Please stop by and check those shelves. All proceeds go to the Friends of the Ocean Pines Library. It’s the only bookstore in town.
Jim Meckley
Eileen Leonhart
Jean Fry