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Letters to the Editor

‘Doug Parks and the current mess’

The candidate forum on July 22 provided those in attendance, and those watching at home, something that has been missing – a ray of hope out of the political mess created by the ongoing feud between Directors Slobodan Trendic and Brett Hill.
Director Doug Parks, the only Board Member running in the current election (and possibly facing the ire of some voters) made two very interesting points. The first was that he didn’t sign up for the mess that the current Board has become. The second, and most interesting point, was an inference that he knew what to do the get out of it.
That raises the following interesting possibility – what would happen if Director Parks requested the resignations of both Directors because of their egregious behavior (at least perceived) and, if they failed to do so, threatened to abstain from the vote? Such a move would certainly make the July 28 Board meeting even more interesting.
This situation, by most accounts, would either force the Board majority to bury the hatchet and work together, or create a situation where a new board majority would emerge after the election with two new appointments. Either move would be a positive way out of the current mess.
Likely to happen? Who knows, but it would be an amazing attempt to “lance the boil” that Board politics has devolved into.

Frank Daly
Ocean Pines