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Letters to the Editor

Questions after Board meeting
Yesterday evening [Monday] I attended a “special” meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ocean Pines Association. I did not know the agenda prior to the meeting and after checking the OP website today, I still do not know the substance of the agenda.  
Comments in the brief open portion suggested the purpose of the meeting was to discuss, in closed session, interactions between OP employees and a director(s). Two directors present asked that the discussions be held in an open meeting. They were overruled and the Board went into closed session with the public dismissed from the room. Curiously, five of the board members, and perhaps all seven, seemed to know the purpose of the meeting.  
The Board President, Tom Herrick, read from a slip of paper a citation providing authority and grounds for closing the meeting. It seems apparent he knew the reason for the meeting, as he should given that he likely called the meeting. Discussion from various Board members seemed to suggest a common understanding of what was happening during the meeting. Is it possible they met prior to the meeting to discuss and coordinate their thoughts?  
Numerous regulatory agencies prohibit “informal” board meetings and universally define a board meeting as a gathering of a majority of the board members. Did four or more of the Ocean Pines Board of Directors gather to plan the meeting last night?
Across the country boards are encouraged to be open and minimize their closed sessions.  I encourage the OP Board to work openly and collaboratively with the residents, the employees and each other to make this great community even better.
All the OP Board members are volunteers, including the Acting General Manager.  Persons donate their time for a multitude of reasons, but an expectation of a reward is rarely a variable. They give and do not expect a return. Thank you Ocean Pines Board of Directors.
Gerald L. Horn
Ocean Pines

Rules should be followed

The following letter was sent to Steve Tuttle, chairman of the OPA Elections Committee, and the Bayside Gazette.
Mr. Tuttle,
I was disappointed to read in last week’s Bayside Gazette, that even though one of the board candidates was late submitting her information, specifically her bio and answers to questions, that information was still accepted.  
I understand that the by-laws may not spell out what authority the committee has when a candidate misses a deadline, but the fact that there is a deadline should be enough.
Otherwise, what is the purpose of having a deadline at all? If all of the other candidates met the deadline, why should one person be exempt? What would have happened if Nicole Crosariol had submitted her application a day late? Would the committee have accepted that as well?
There should be consequences when the rules that are in place are not followed. At the very least, Nicole’s answers and bio should be omitted from any literature and candidate information that OP sends out. Her name should be listed on the appropriate ballot and forum documents, but in place of the bio and answers to questions, it should be noted that the information requested was not submitted on time. That is the only fair way to treat those candidates who followed the rules!
Gary Miller   
Ocean Pines

Hats off to Hats for Hospice
Coastal Hospice sincerely thanks everyone who made this year’s Hats for Hospice fundraising party a big success. The event raised more than $19,000 to fund the patient charity care Coastal Hospice provides.
Every year, a dedicated committee of volunteers helps us organize this Preakness Day event. We would like to personally thank co-chairs Nancy Hall and Alan Merritt-Hyle, the Hats contest co-chair Kathleen Abercrombie, and committee members Diana Barber, Nancie Booth, Jenna Bowne, Hope Morgan and Gayle Widdowson.
Our 2017 sponsors also placed their bets with us! Thank you to our “Pacesetter” sponsors: Bank of Delmarva, Chesapeake AG Cargo LLC, and Jack and Marge Duer. To our “Thoroughbred” sponsors: Apple Discount Drugs, Avery Hall Insurance Agency, Cato Gas & Oil, William and Nancy Hall, and Amber Stevens. And to our “Furlong” sponsors: Debbie and Rodney Abbott, Bill and Maude Ahtes, Charles Brown Glass Company, Gillis Gilkerson, Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Don and Donna Richardson, Vernon Powell Shoes, Gayle and Dirk Widdowson, and Yard Designs.
The many talented designers who took hats donated by Vernon Powell Shoes and created masterpieces also encouraged their friends to contribute. We tip our hats to them in thanks.
Our appreciation also goes out to our generous hosts, Hamilton Fox Farm in Salisbury. And to our celebrity bartenders: Nicole Lauren and Chris Weimer of WBOC, and Julian Sadur and Lisette Nunez of WMDT.
At the event, in gratitude for his commitment to hospice and palliative care, we honored former Maryland Delegate Norm Conway as our 2017 Charter Society Anchor Award Winner. Mr. Conway has garnered and cultivated financial support to benefit the organization and has shown qualities of exemplary leadership, integrity, compassion, and generosity of time and talents whenever we asked. Thank you and congratulations, Norm.
Thanks to this generous community, we can afford to deliver on our promise to put our patients’ needs and goals first in all we do.
Alane K. Capen
President, Coastal Hospice

Thanks for helping Town Cats
Town Cats would like to thank the community and local businesses for helping us with another successful Quarter Auction.
Our rescue is run strictly with caring volunteers, so every penny we make goes to our cat care. Our efforts help to spay/neuter feral cats, feed cats and also vet and adopt out wonderful family pets that would otherwise never be rescued.  
Without the community supporting our mission, our volunteers could not do what they do.
Our next Quarter Auction will be held in October. Visit for information.
Robyn Baker
Town Cats Fundraising