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Letters to the Editor

Board needs better oversight
I am writing in response to the article you published on 6/8/17 entitled “GM Hill talks up renovation during packed town hall.” In it you report that our Acting General Manager, Mr. Brett Hill, announced a net-year loss for fiscal year 2017 of approximately $270,000 against budget. You reported him to go on to excuse this deficit by saying “the board made several changes to a budget that was adopted by a previous board and general manager.”
One of the strengths of Ocean Pines Association’s governing documents is the continuity of the majority of Board membership from year to year that is balanced by the addition of two or three newly elected members each year. The new members bring additional expertise and fresh ideas to our Board. As such, the Board is a governing authority that is responsible as a whole for adherence to the budget regardless of who sits in the Board seats and who is the GM.
Going forward, our Board needs to do better at overseeing the development of the best budget possible, taking into account all identified needs, and holding the management accountable for working within the budget that is set. Electing two or three board members each year is a reality of our governing structure. An election or a decision to replace the general manager does not absolve the Board or the management of their responsibility to adhere to the budget that was duly set in accordance with the process articulated in our governing documents.
Colette Horn
Candidate for OPA Board of Directors