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Letters to the Editor

Supporting HR 610, School Choice Act
HR 610, the School Choice Act, will eliminate the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, which was passed as a part of Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” Federal funds that are now given to schools will be given to parents who choose to enroll their children in private schools or to homeschool their children.
Finally, the right to choose. Oh, but wait, the liberals don’t like this. I thought they support the right for a woman to choose. I was just told that that only applies to choosing whether their unborn child lives or dies, but not the right for her to choose where her still alive children can go to school.
These same women don’t like the right to choose where their Social Security money can be invested, or the right to choose to have a gun, or the right to choose not to bake a cake that supports something they do not believe in, or the right to choose same-sex privacy in the bathroom, or the right to choose to turn away dangerous foreigners from our shores, or the right to choose who can rent their property, or the right to choose not to wear a seatbelt or a helmet, or the right to choose to have a commercial establishment that allows smoking, or the right for a priest to choose to write a sermon promoting a politician, or the right to choose to speak about conservative values at a college, or the right to choose to speak freely on a college campus outside of a free speech zone, or the right to choose to where your union dues go, or the right to choose to pay employees what you want to, or the right to choose to burn as much fossils fuels as you can afford, etc. Those that are opposed to these free choices are called liberal, progressives and have found their home in the Democrat party. They illustrate here, and in many, many other examples of their profound hypocrisy.
They argue that HR 610 abolishes the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. It is not the state or county’s responsibility to feed children. Hey liberals, flash, it is the parent’s responsibility! They also argue school vouchers for private schools have mixed results. Catholic and private schools are enjoying phenomenal success rates at a far less expense then public schools. It is a disgrace that Worcester County educates our children at over 18,000 per student per year and this May the school employees will scream for more money at the budget hearing as they always do. The county commissioners should demand an itemized listing of where all this money is being allocated before a budget approval. Why can private schools and Catholic schools educate so well for so much less?
Remember this, Vladimir Lenin said, “give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” The liberal/progressives want public schools and the ridiculously liberal colleges to continue to influence our children and instill in them, directly and indirectly, that America is not such a great place and capitalism is harmful for all mankind and especially the earth.
Tell Rep. Andy Harris that school choice is part of our American freedoms and to continue to support HR 610.
Dennis W Evans

Pines directors should practice what they preach
I read the letters in the Bayside Gazette, April 13 edition and I believe the pool problem will be resolved by the Ocean Pines board of directors.  
I also read a letter from a past director who I voted for and had his campaign sign in my front yard. In my opinion shortly after being elected he did a 180-degree reversal in his views. I do agree with two things in his letter.
There should be transparency and the board and property owners should not find out things after the fact. This would include no attempts to have secret meetings with newly elected directors, no secret leases on golf equipment and no secret bonus given to the previous general manager.
At least three directors did not know about this bonus until after the fact. We have an election coming up for the board, I hope the new directors practice what they preach.
Michael H. Graves
Ocean Pines