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Letters to the Editor

Where was the coverage?
I have been unable to find the (Tymeir Dennis fatal accident) story in any local print publications or their online versions.
I believe the (local television station) version omits multiple important facts.
The trooper, Hager, was only 21 years old at the time of the accident.
He was driving an unmarked car with no lights or siren active.
He is the son of a Maryland trooper.
The crash investigation was scheduled to take 90 days. It actually took over nine months.
The attorneys for each side have not been identified, and the judge has not been identified.
The duration of the trial and who gave testimony is not included in the report.
The size of the jury pool and the demographics of the selected jury have not been described.
The current status and assignments of trooper Hager have not been disclosed.
The trooper is white, and the victims were black.
The decision to not bring criminal charges against the trooper occurred roughly two years before the Black Lives Matter movement arose.
Either local reporters failed to cover this trial, or local editors made a deliberate decision to not publish the story. Which is it?
Meanwhile, we have a president who calls the mainstream media “fake news,” and locks out the Washington Post from campaign events and the New York Times from White House news gaggles.
This is a sad, sad time for journalism.
Jeffrey R. Wadler
Ocean Pines