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Letters to the Editor

Main St. Patriots
Patriotic groups and individuals having been playing defense for a very long time, and yet now that we are the winners too many of us are doing nothing even as the losers refuse to accept the results of an election, and are engaging in riots and attacks on police, as well as assaulting, harassing, and intimidating those with whom they disagree.  
The anti-American, anti-Trump protests and riots dominate the news, and one would be led to believe that they represent the views of all Americans. If we allow the voice of the people who worry more about our enemies having their feelings hurt than they are about the safety of Americans to be the only voice, this country will be right back to where it was for the last eight years in a very short time.  
Join us, the Eastern Shore chapter of Main Street Patriots, participate in Liberty Rallies, attend town halls to support Congressman Andy Harris, and if you have writing skills join our Truth Squad.
Our country, our cultural traditions, our Christian heritage and our constitution are all being dismantled at a rapid pace, and all this is being accomplished by a small, far-left segment of our population while the rest of us sit back silently.
Contact Steve Lind and Brian Nygaard at for further info and/or to sign up to participate in this activist movement. And when you sign up don’t expect monthly meetings with guest speakers and discussion groups, there is too much at stake to spend time on that sort of thing.
We will instead communicate via Facebook, email and a newsletter so that we have more time to do what is vital and necessary, and that is to make our voices heard.
Steve Lind
Ocean Pines

Stop complaining
Referring to a previous comment letter; questioning the state of our democracy.
First, we are a republic, not a democracy. Secondly, all votes did count toward each voter’s state electoral vote.
Our forefathers, who seem to have had a better vision of the future than we do, never wanted elections to be decided by just a few states, but by giving all states a voice. This was their vision of the fairest way for everyone to have a stake in their government.
This decision was decided way before we had 50 states. There is no voter suppression; all that is being asked is that you are able to prove who you are. You must show a picture ID at any agency where you maybe applying for assistance, to cash a check, return an item to a store, apply for credit card, BJ’s card, Sam’s card, etc., etc., etc.
Why is it so much to ask to have a picture ID to vote? This is the most important thing that any American can do for their country and themselves and if you don’t vote don’t complain.
Presidents appoint individuals for the Supreme Court, then the Senate Judiciary confirms the nomination. Finally, we now have a cabinet made up of individuals who sign the front of a check, not just the back.
We all need to stop complaining about what we think we don’t have and look at other countries that do not have the freedoms we do. We must all remember the sacrifices that have been made by our military, past, present and future that provide us with the freedoms we all have and want to keep. I agree, we should not view one news source, but view all and also do our own research and not rely on journalists for their version.
Jo Roland
Revisit decision on Pines Pickleball fees
The Ocean Pines Board of Directors’ recent decision to start charging Ocean Pines Pickleball members a daily fee for the use of the pickleball courts in the community center gym will have a major financial impact on our pickleball members.
Pickleball has been a fee-based amenity in Ocean Pines for three full years now, and a membership has always included the use of both the outdoor and the indoor courts. Now, with this decision, a couple wishing to play indoors an average of four times a week during the six colder months will spend an additional $624 on top of their family pickleball amenity fee (note, pickleball cannot be played outside below 45 degrees due to the type of ball).
This new policy will be particularly discriminatory against those pickleball players who have medical issues with the heat and/or with exposure to the sun due to prescriptions or previous skin cancer. Unlike platform tennis and tennis, the new outside pickleball courts (once completed) will not have lights, so these players cannot play at night and must play indoors 12 months a year.
The OP Pickleball amenity, according to the Ocean Pines audited reports, has had a net positive income to Ocean Pines of $21,151 over the past three years, so it is very difficult to understand the OP Board of Directors’ reasoning.
If the BoD is concerned about allocating the cost of the gym operation to all of its different user groups, we feel it would be fair to allocate to the pickleball amenity its share of this expense, and we believe the amenity would still show a net positive income on the financial reports. 
There are other fee-based amenities in Ocean Pines that are actually showing a loss on the financial reports, and yet those members are not being charged an extra user fee.
The Ocean Pines Pickleball Club urges the OP Board of Directors to revisit this decision and understand the impact it will have on our pickleball members.
Neil Gottesman
Ocean Pines Pickleball Club
Opposing Pines Shore Golf Course rezoning
I was recently made aware of a request to rezone the Pine Shore Golf Course South property, from E-1 (as decided upon in the Worcester County Comprehensive Plan) to A-2 zoning that could allow for the development of a campground off Routes 611 and 376.  
I oppose the precedent of making this change in such a critical, fragile area. I live in South Point, and the impact of the proposed high density sites, bringing 311 families and their corresponding vehicles into an area that is our one way out for evacuation purposes, is alarming.  
I understand that a proposed increase of 213 sites in Frontier Town will extend the property all the way to the Route 611 and Route 376 intersection.  
Traffic has already noticeably increased along these two routes in the summer months in the past couple of years. We already have existing campgrounds in our immediate area off of Route 611: Frontier Town, (585 + 213 sites = 798 sites); Castaways, (394 sites); and Assateague State and Federal campground sites, (498 sites).  
These numbers do not even take into account the large number of day visitors to each of these parks, or to the Rum Pointe, Ocean City and Eagles’ Landing golf courses. Nor does it include the high density sites in Assateague Pointe and Bayside developments.  Increasing the population density along this corridor could be creating a very dangerous situation for visitors and residents alike.  
Please do not permit this rezoning to A-2. Not only would it be dangerous for evacuation purposes and affect traffic safety of bicyclists, joggers and vehicles, but it would also compound the water quality issues in Ayres Creek, and would change the character of the fragile and pristine area that we love and care for.
Please let us not destroy what makes our area so unique. Please be on alert for notice of the public hearing to be held on this matter.  
Jan L. Adamchak