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Letters to the Editor

Another successful event held for vets
Star Charities wishes to thank the community and our generous sponsors for participating in our annual “Beef & Beer,” an event that raises funds for wounded veterans.
It was held Friday, Jan. 27 at the Ocean Pines Community Center.
We are proud to be able to donate $6,000 to the Warrior Canine Connection in Brookville, Maryland. Warrior Canine Connection enlists service members and veterans with combat stress in the critical mission of training service dogs for fellow wounded warriors.
Anna Foultz
Star Charities

Not in favor of proposed pergola
After hearing about the proposed plans to put a pergola or permanent structure on the water side of the patio at the yacht club facility [in Ocean Pines], I would ask the board of directors to really consider the consequences of this addition before making a decision.
My first concern is moving the band from the current location to one that will be facing the entire back of the yacht club building. When choosing to have dinner outside on the evenings a band is playing, the only location that provides a place where a conversation with your dinner guests is possible is to sit under the patio.
The sound is partially blocked by the portion of the building where the bar extends toward the water, so you can have a conversation and still hear the music. By moving the band to the proposed location, facing the entire rear of the building, that will not be possible.
One of the reasons given for the move is to lessen the noise complaints from the condos across from the marina. Since the band will now have its back to those condos, the noise will be directed away from those buildings.
That sounds good, but I wonder how much of the noise is going to bounce back off the yacht club building, causing the same problem? Will it really be any less than the current location? And how much louder is it going to be for those trying to have a conversation while eating?
My second concern is placing a permanent structure along the water, which will, at least partially, block the view from the yacht club building. If the board of directors decides to move the band to the proposed location, why do we need to spend $18,000, or any amount, on a permanent structure? The portable tent has worked well when needed and can be stored out of sight when it is not.
As has been noted, the conduit is in place to run whatever electrical wires are needed, and an unobtrusive outlet box could be installed along the wall. There may have been a number of mistakes made while designing the yacht club facility, but turning the building to maximize the view was not one of them. Why would we want to spoil the best part?
Gary Miller
Ocean Pines