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Letters to the Editor

Times story sold Snow Hill short
On Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, Daily Times reporter Gino Fanelli composed a story titled “Can Snow Hill bounce back?” To say that I am disappointed with this reporter’s article is an understatement. Not only was the report inaccurate, but it made the front page as a headline story.
Mr. Fanelli obtained a copy of the town’s current audit report, which he used to report on economic development. He reported that “business activities constitute revenue the town brings in from local business.”
This statement is not accurate. Business activities, as reported in the audit, are revenue received from water/sewer services and grant funding that is used in the town’s water/sewer fund.
Mr. Fanelli reported that the town’s net position decreased $315,000 from last year, which is accurate. However, what he did not report was the cause of that decrease, which is investment in the downtown business district, as well as several areas throughout town. This information is important for residents, businesses, and potential investors to know.
The Mayor and Council actively continue to make improvements to our infrastructure and most recently completed water/sewer line replacement and paving on Martin Street; installation of new street lights on Washington Street; and purchased equipment for public works and the police department, which enable the town to better serve its residents.
Investment was made downtown to correct drainage issues on Green Street and the town closed out the construction of our new $14 million wastewater treatment plant upgrade.
Currently, there are six downtown buildings under renovation/rehabilitation and there have been seven new businesses that have opened since 2015, with one more that will open in the spring of 2017.
So, in answer to Mr. Fanelli’s question “Can Snow Hill bounce back?” the answer would be that we already are. We continue to make investments and improvements to the town that will make Snow Hill attractive to future business and to retain the current investors in our community.
We encourage you to visit Snow Hill and see for yourself the improvements and changes continually being made. Things are rolling on the river!
Mayor Charles Dorman
Town of Snow Hill

Thanks for another successful drive
The 2016 Holiday Gifts For Our Soldiers was very successful, thanks to the public for your generous donations collected during October.
This annual event began in 2003 and continues to grow each year. The Salisbury National Guard sent a large truck and four soldiers on Sunday, Nov. 20 to pick up your donations. The soldiers were thrilled with the amount of items collected and send everyone a well-deserved thanks.
Our service men and women deployed to protect our great country really appreciate these items. For some, it may be all they receive for the holiday since they are separated from their families.
All of us at Star Charities extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the people, organizations, businesses and the media for your support in making this year’s Holiday Gifts For Our Soldiers an outstanding success.
We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed Happy Holiday season.
Anna Foultz
Star Charities Founder
Ocean Pines