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Letters to the Editor

Town support still exemplary
The following letter was sent to Berlin Mayor Gee Williams in appreciation for the support the town provided for the recent Cruisers event held on Sept. 8.
 Mayor Williams:
Once again we received excellent support from town employees and the town itself during the fall Cruisers event. Despite the weather, a good time was had by all.
We have worked and organized most of these shows, and always are very pleased with the way things click together. This year special thanks to Wendell Purnell and Dave Wheaton for assistance with traffic control devices, Rick Dennis who came very early Saturday to empty and check on the trash cans, later that day to make sure none were overflowing, then planned to come some time afterwards in case any were overfilled over the holiday three-day weekend.   
We also received a call from Augie Wienhold on Friday to confirm that we did not need any special electrical needs. We are sure there may be others missed, and as stated above this service is the norm.
A special thanks to Jeff Fleetwood, who volunteered his time on Saturday to be a judge. Town support always seems to extend from the newest employee to the most senior managers.
 Tanja Giles, Mike Wiley, Bill Hoshal
Committee Members