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Letters to the Editor

‘No’ to second Bay Bridge
Response to: letter by Rob Etgen, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy
I agree with much of what you have said regarding traffic and public transportation.
We retired to the Eastern Shore about 10 years ago from New York and didn’t give much thought to the lack of public transportation. We were young enough to drive wherever we had to go. Now, we are finding it more difficult. Three hours drive to the nearest major airport; two hours to the Amtrak station in Wilmington; and not to mention, tolls and traffic and parking expense. For a flight from the airports, an overnight hotel reservation is sometimes necessary. A second Bay Bridge would not offer what we need.
We would like to maintain our flexibility to get to our desired destination, and agree that we are long overdue for a more modern approach to transportation planning, one that emphasizes mass transit and other forward thinking measures that make the most of the infrastructure we have and decrease auto dependence and decrease congestion on the roads.
Carole Eagle

Letter of thanks
During the pre-season this August, our football team received some serious news. Our longtime coach, Bob Knox, was going to step away from the game because his 2-year-old grandson, Eli, had become ill.
Eli has been diagnosed with a rare, yet aggressive brain cancer called Atypical/Rhabdoid Tumor (AT/RT). Only 1 percent to 2 percent of all brain tumors are of this diagnosis. Eli has already had one surgery to remove a tumor, but unfortunately there is another tumor on which they are unable to operate and he will begin chemotherapy treatments to help shrink it.
Coach Knox has been the head football coach at Decatur for over 30 years and has had an impact on many young men who have come through our school. Upon hearing the news, both our school and our community went into action to assist the Knox family in any way possible.
A GoFundMe account was set up to assist the family in the rapidly accumulating medical expenses. To date, the account has raised over $12,000! We are blessed and thankful to live in such a generous community.
As the football season has begun, our team has played hard. Led by assistant coaches Stan Griffin, Fred Billings and Joe Andrews, we continue to battle week after week with our Bayside Conference opponents. We have been overwhelmed by the compassion of the schools that we have played as they hear of the battle little Eli is undertaking.
Two weeks ago when our team traveled to Easton High, their P.A. person announced the situation to the crowd during pre-game and collected $500 from the home crowd in the bleachers. This past week when we hosted Kent Island High School, their coaching staff delivered $1,300 that they had collected from their school community!
It is impressive how, regardless of the competitive nature that exists between our schools, that when there is a need for support, we all come together to help!
I can’t thank enough all of the people who have donated to help Eli in his treatments, but also to our Bayside Conference opponents in particular, I’d like to say thank you!
To Principal Kirk Howie and Easton High, and to Principal John Schrecongost and Kent Island High, your school communities are amazing. The generosity they have shown toward a little boy that they don’t know is beyond words. I know Coach Knox and his family are more than appreciative.
Thomas Zimmer
Stephen Decatur High School

Star Charities thanks DJ Rupe
Star Charities wishes to publicly thank DJ Rupe for donating his music and time for our VIP event held Friday, Sept. 16.
We also want to apologize for spelling his name incorrectly on our advertising brochures and in the local newspapers. We all appreciate your dedication to our fundraiser, which will benefit our veterans.
Barbara Peletier
Star Charities volunteer