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Letters to the Editor

Bravo to new Snow Hill theater
Last Saturday, March 19, at Snow Hill High’s new theater, was one of the most exciting nights I have had in musical theater.
The cast [of “Little Shop of Horrors”] was absolutely wonderful. Such talent, and their first in their new theater was outstanding.
Looking forward to spending other glorious evenings of musical theater, our new showcase for talent.
Peg Hagy

This month, honor social workers
March is National Social Work Month. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of social workers nationwide. In Maryland, the Department of Human Resources envisions a state where people independently support themselves and their families, and where individuals are safe from abuse and neglect.
It is their mission to aggressively pursue opportunities to assist people in economic need; give them the tools for successful, independent living; provide education and awareness of the programs available for assistance; increase prevention efforts and protect vulnerable children and adults.
Here in Worcester County, our Department of Social Services is charged with these responsibilities. A staff of dedicated men and women are charged with empowering individuals to become self-sufficient and productive, while assuring that prevention efforts protect our vulnerable population.
They go to work each day with a heavy burden, and rise to the challenges that exist in our community today. They will encounter infants, senior citizens and many individuals who are in need of the very basics most of us take for granted, such as shelter, food and a safe environment. They are a group of very dedicated, supportive and caring individuals that we are fortunate to have serve our community.
During this month, we would like to recognize and thank this special group of people who work tirelessly to help others often facing very difficult situations.
I am honored to be chair of the Worcester County Department of Social Services Advisory Board. We are a group of volunteers appointed by the Worcester County Commissioners to serve a term of three years. Our duties include reviewing the department’s programs, assessing the need for new programs and additional resources, advocating for resources from local and state government, and promoting awareness of services provided by the Department.
I like to think of us as advocates for the staff that we see firsthand doing a fantastic job.
So, please, join with me in thanking the Worcester County Department of Social Services in doing an almost thankless job that assists those most in need.
Nancy L. Howard, Chair
Worcester County
Department of Social Services Advisory Board