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Letters to the Editor

No to HB 1013
Who thinks it’s a good idea to concentrate most of Maryland’s transportation dollars in the Washington suburbs? Will you feel safer on our roads and bridges because D.C. will have another subway station elevator or light rail line? Do you think we should wait longer for an upgrade of Route 589 or the completion of 113?
That will be the situation if the Maryland legislature goes along with HB 1013, which strips Gov. Hogan of his transportation authority. The bill supposedly removes politics from the assignment of tax dollars to transportation projects, but will expand public mass transit, which is used by a small percentage (less than 10 percent) of the state’s citizens in the D.C. metropolitan area at the expense of road projects used by many in the suburbs and rural parts of the state.
This bill chooses to do social engineering, rewarding the commuter who uses mass transit, and punishes the citizens of the state who must rely on safe roads and bridges to get to their destinations. The tax dollars used come from the entire state, and each jurisdiction should be able to request consideration of the projects it feels are a priority and be an equitable part of the distribution of funds.
Gov. Hogan is looking at the state as a whole and wants safe roads and bridges for all. This bill is meant to undermine his power and replace it with patronage from the legislature.
Gloria Moyer
Ocean Pines