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Letter to the Editor

OP Facebook group looks for change


This letter was sent to the Ocean Pines Association directors and forwarded to Bayside Gazette.

Dear directors,

We wanted to introduce the Facebook group Ocean Pines- Get Involved to you. The purpose of the group Ocean Pines Get Involved (OPGV) and the intent and essence of this group is to assist and work together with the board and GM on issues that we feel are valid.

Having a large group of homeowners come together like this is a good thing. We also reminded the group to GET INVOLVED. Join committees, consider running for the board, join this group at meetings and give your input.  Invite other OP residents to join this group.

Let’s dispel the rumors. We are not looking to have John Viola removed. We are not looking to put Colby [Phillips] in as the GM.

This is not a witch hunt for board members or the GM. We are looking to open dialogue with the board as a community group who cares. The issues of Ocean Pines goes back years.

This board has these issues like every board before them. It is the desire of this group to help.  We are already up to 500 members in just three weeks.

If nothing else, that should tell you people want to get involved. We have a diversified group of homeowners that could offer a wealth of knowledge and help to our board.

We are looking to open up communication both ways with the board. The board only really gets input from the community when someone complains.

We are looking for a two-way conversation. In other communities at the board meetings during public comment the boards responds.

However, no one, including me, wants to sit at a board meeting for five hours. We are suggesting that after public comment the board responds in the following weeks Ocean pines newsletter with the answers to the questions.

It would stop community frustration of not being heard. This group would like to be able to speak with the directors or representatives of the board on a regular basis as to not only the issues but the solutions.

In the past I was vocal and started a community group. It did not continue because I decided to run for the board. In that group, we also made clear we were looking to work with the board not attack them.

Director [Doug] Parks who was president at the time reached out to us to open conversation because of that.

We look forward to hearing from the board on this email. We are offering to work together for the betterment of our community.

Esther Diller
Member of Ocean Pines – Get involved