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Letter to the Editor

Pines spending limit questioned


As full-time residents of Ocean Pines for over 20 years, we have enjoyed the quiet pace of living and the wonderful amenities available to all property owners.

Since some of our facilities were built before 2020 and even in the 1970s and ’80s, there is an understandable need to replace and repair.

Years ago, a million bucks got you a lot, but if you check out the costs of replacing and repairing pool complexes, playgrounds, bulkheads, tennis courts, etc. … you will face reality.

We have an elected Board of Directors whom we should entrust with making responsible fiscal decisions.  And, if you don’t agree with the cost of certain projects, you have an ample opportunity to let them know your views.

So … let’s not tie their hands with an amendment to the association bylaws which could reduce the current $1.8 million cap (or 20 percent of annual assessments) and costly referendums.

Let’s get real!!  Let’s express our views. Let’s keep this community as a great place to live for all property owners.

Carolyn and Steve Neal
Ocean Pines