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Letter to the Editor

Response to fire company response


After reading the response to the fact I called the fire house a storage unit, I stand corrected.

According to the David VanGasbeck and Steven Grunewald it’s used to “house”  first-line firefighting equipment.  Please. I call it tomato you call it tamato. You can call it what you want.

As far as I know, if indeed there are 25 volunteers operating out of the unit, please let me know when they are there. Every time I go by the place, it’s closed up. No cars, nobody there.   

Just to be sure, I called my homeowners insurance to see the discount I receive for being so close to the fire station. Guess what? He only wanted to know how far the fire hydrant  was from my house. Go figure.

I have although, renamed my shed. It’s now a “Housing” unit for my garden equipment. Got no insurance break their either.

I do support and applaud all the front-line defenders of our community. I would not be living here if it were not for these amenities.

Al Keeney
Ocean Pines