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Letter to the Editor

Flag represents all Americans


June 14 is a date that has always been special for me because of all the memories I have of America’s Flag Day.

Our community had a celebration every year with picnics and presentations by troops of boy scouts and girl scouts of all flags associated with the history of our country’s founding.

I’m very pleased that the American flag is flown in Ocean Pines at both the North and South gates.

This past week I called to see about getting the one at the South Gate replaced because it is getting to be a bit tattered. Also I wondered why it was being flown at half-staff and was told that President Biden has issued that proclamation.

Any death is horrible and should not be taken lightly and the person responsible for the recent deaths in Georgia is apparently one sick individual.

It seems that the media is more focused on race rather than looking into other issues surrounding this horrible act of violence such as mental illness and human trafficking to name a few.

There is no evidence that the attack was racially motivated and at this time is seems that the directive of the president to lower American flags is using those flags as political tools to continue the divisiveness in this country.

The American flag stands for all Americans and this is not the time to widen the gap that exists today in individuals beliefs, ideals, and political leanings.

Madlyn Scott
Ocean Pines