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Letter to the Editor

Supports spending referendum in Pines


The spending referendum to limit the board of directors to $1,000,000 without authority from referendum is definitely necessary.

The directors seems to all have agendas to what they want to accomplish in their terms in office. Sometimes good for the whole community, sometimes good  for just a few. So too often we spend money unwisely.

I have listed  just a few of well-intended board approved items.

Several years ago we were told we had to have a fire house on the north side to meet the needs of all the growth. It’s used as a storage unit now, but just in case we need it, it’s ready. Until we decide that it’s too old and should be replaced.

Then there was the Community Center, they wanted to build a great building across from post office. It had to go to referendum and was not approved.

What we ended up with is a very nice building inside the Pines and very functional a reasonable cost. The people spoke.

Oh, and then there is the golf course. It’s like owning a boat, a hole that you constantly pour money into and never fill up.   

Gee, how much money can we pour into it? It seems every year there are major problems to address.

Did we forget that all the greens just had to be replaced (drainage) to keep them from burning up? And they burned up anyway. Again more money to fix.

Did we forget that we poured over $500,000 to fix up the club house, and then new directors, not just over a year later, decided to tear the building down, and rebuild. When people were against this and fought it.

The board did it anyway. In fact, they tore the building down early, so we could not get a say in the matter.

Now, the county would like us to use wastewater to irrigate the course. Who do you think will have to pay for a whole new irrigation system? Guess.

If you have read anything about the board of directors, you know there is a great need for the community to have a little bit more control. Just attending meetings does not work.

After all, if the whole community attended meetings, I guess we would have to build a meeting hall so we could all fit in.

I think that we still live in a democracy, for how long I don’t know, so gives us a vote.

If this spending referendum is passed, it will give the community a chance to see where their association fees go.   After all, it’s our money. We like to see it spent wisely.

Al Keeney
Ocean Pines Resident