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Letter to the editor

OP supports fire victims


Last week a tragic fire hit one of our Worcester County families in Ocean Pines. Within moments of posting needs for the family, the community came once again in full force to help “thy neighbor.”

Clothing, food, tablets, toys, furniture, prayers…the outpouring of love this community gives in times of need, is something I have been blessed to witness time and time again.

As I write this, we are $200 away from reaching the $10,000 Go Fund Me goal that was started for the family by Lisa Layfield just a few days ago.

I wanted to thank everyone who once again stepped up to try and make a sad situation a little easier. Thank you to our local fire departments and police who risk their lives to keep us all safe during these moments. Thank you to the Worcester County Board of Education who reached out to me the very next day to make sure their “school children” were going to have all they need.

Just another reason we are all so blessed to have our children in this amazing school system. Thank you to OPA for allowing drop-off locations.

Every day we see tragedy, and the kindness these tragic moments bring forward, is what life is truly about. Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we see the good in other people.

Colby Phillips
Local Help for You
Worcester County